Jesus is the one way and the only way to the Father

A recent survey tells us that in the United States of America, over 80% of American youth believe that there are many paths to God. What a scary thought; what a dangerous thought. Even a more dangerous thought is that when these young people say these things or ask these questions, Christians, including ministers, don’t seem to have the answer or are scared of political correctness. We as Christians need to remember that we don’t get a vote or even an opinion about the Word of God; we simply take it as truth. When we are asked a question, we should not begin with, “Well, I believe…” But we should begin with “I am a Christian, and Christians believe the Bible, and the Bible says…” Always take them back to the Bible, not your beliefs. Many preachers get trapped by interviewers on TV by being asked a difficult question, and instead of saying what the Bible says, they try to ease out of it by saying, “I don’t know,” or “I couldn’t say,” or “Who am I to say?” Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 14:8, “For if the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” Answers and comments like those are uncertain sounds. No wonder this younger generation are so lost and so confused. Jesus said in John 14, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” That is your answer: Jesus is the one way and the only way to the Father.

We are so grateful for our partners. We never take your partnership lightly but we appreciate you and we pray for you daily. We set ourselves in agreement with you and the Word of God that God takes your seed sown and multiplies it back to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

When I first moved to Mexico as a young missionary over 40 years ago, I began to travel out into villages, into lush valleys and high mountain tops. Sometimes the trips in and out were very treacherous, and some trips were so perilous that it seemed we wouldn’t make it and would pay with our lives. A few of these, Jackie and our toddler, Lynn, were with me. But we didn’t think anything of it as we were missionaries and these were places, dangerous or not, that we had to go to reach people and the precious prize of a soul to win and give as a trophy to King Jesus. Some trips we were supernaturally and miraculously saved by unseen forces but those angels were very real to us; seen or not.

One story I was told in those early days and have never forgotten, and has continued to impact my life, I want to tell you in this letter. I have never written it and haven’t even told it in decades. It was told to me as a true story, but I had no way of verifying it in those days of no internet, no phones and no information highway except to talk to people who were there.

It was early on Saturday morning. In fact, the sun had not yet made the climb to peek over the mountain to shine its great power and warm light into the lush valley. The Patron, the richest man in the whole valley was still sleeping in his warm bed, when there came a frantic pounding at his great door. “Patron, Jefe, open the door… Patron.”  The middle-aged rancher was rudely awakened from his deep pre-dawn sleep. What was that banging, the door? Who would be pounding on the door at this early hour? Quickly, he got out of bed and threw on his robe and sleepily made his way to the door. Jerking it open to stop the pounding, he found a little man with tears running down his cheeks standing there with his arm raised to continue his knocking. “Juan!” Yelled the Patron, “Juan, what is it? What do you want at this ungodly hour?” Juan was the ranch foreman and the Patron’s right hand man; He had actually been born on this ranch and the Patron was born later and had known him all of his life.

“Patron, Jefe, Señor Alejandro,” said a breathless and excited Juan, “I just had a terrible dream.” “A dream, what? You woke me up and came over here just because you had a bad dream? What is the matter with you, Juan?”

“No, Patron, please listen. I just had a dream that the richest man in the valley will die this weekend, Sunday after midnight! I had to tell you and once again ask you to receive my Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. You must not die without Him! Por favor Señor, this is very serious.”

The wealthy rancher was so angry at his faithful but simple employee. “Juan, go home. I am going back to bed and try to sleep a bit. Don’t ever do this again; don’t wake me up for a crazy dream and don’t bother me again about your religion.” With that, he slammed the door and went back to bed, but of course could not get back to sleep. He kept thinking of what Juan had said; the richest man in the valley will die on Sunday after midnight. He knew his foreman and his family were devout Christians and not just talked their faith but plainly lived their faith for all to see. They attended a little iglesia down the valley very faithfully. The people of the valley simply called them “The Hallelujahs” because of the way they talked and sang and prayed. The Patron and most of the people in town of course attended the big church on the square or the plaza. He was a Christian, after all. Going to church and giving to it proved that, didn’t it? He would have to have a talk with that silly Juan.

Later that day he encountered Juan a little way from the great hacienda. He tried to reprimand Juan again for waking him but the tears began to flow down Juan’s hard-working face and he repeated his dream and his request to his wealthy boss. “Patron, por favor, we know that you are the richest man in all the valley and many valleys over. The dream says you will die after midnight tomorrow. Please Jefe, you must know my Jesucristo.” Disgusted, the rancher turned and walked away before he fired the crying foreman.

But, throughout the day he could not shake the warning and the dream and that also made him angry. The next morning, he arose and dressed and went into town and attended church as usual. After it was over he approached his very good friend the doctor. He asked him to go home with him for a big lunch and to pass the day with him at the rancho. His friend agreed and they went home together.

After the big lunch, a wonderful meal, it was siesta time so they went to their respective rooms for an afternoon nap. Later in the day, around 8:00 they had dinner, then cigars and wine for a while. The doctor said a few times that he should be leaving but the Patron, constantly watching the big grandfather clock as it slowly but surely made its way toward midnight, insisted that he wait and in fact just pass the night here at the hacienda of the big rancho. They played cards for several hours and the Patron watched the clock. Finally, at about two minutes until midnight the rancher subconsciously was holding his breath and watching the time. The doctor was happy as he was winning at cards and could not believe his good luck. As the chimes of the old clock went off at the stroke of 12:00, the Patron actually placed both hands on his chest and midsection, waiting in anticipation, but nothing happened.

Both relieved and angry at Juan, the rancher stood up and announced he was going to bed. He made a mental note to really tell Juan off tomorrow and to tell him to absolutely never bother him with such nonsense again.

The next morning right at dawn there was a pounding at the ranch house door. Out of a deep sleep the Patron sat up and angrily jumped out of bed, heading for the door. This was too much, Juan was out of his mind, he was going to get it now for sure. He threw open the door and was starting to yell at his foreman but Juan was not there. It was little Jose, Juan’s 10-year-old grandson. Startled, the rancher said, “Jose, what are you doing here at this time of morning, what’s wrong?” Little Jose had tears streaming down his face and said, “Patron, mi abuela (my grandmother) sent me to tell you that my abuelo died in his sleep sometime in the night.”

After visiting Juan’s wife, Maria, and seeing the peaceful smile on Juan’s face, the Patron returned to his house and slumped in his favorite chair and said, “It was true, the richest man in the valley died after midnight last night but Juan thought that it was me and was concerned for me. It wasn’t me; it was Juan. His faith in his Jesucristo made him a richer man than me.”

Renee and I leave for our beloved Mexico this week and will be ministering the precious Gospel there once again. As always, we covet your prayers. We are still getting a wonderful response from our being on BVOV for 10 programs with Pastor George Pearsons. People are still ordering the package we offered there on “Spiritual Authority.” If you missed any of those broadcasts and the miracle testimonies, you can still access them at BVOV.org.

I want to wish all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day and declare God’s blessings over you. Thank you for all you do. We will be in Mexico on two Mother’s Days; the USA celebrates on the 8th and Mexico celebrates on the 10th.

Jackie and I by God’s help and grace helped a lot of ladies around the world to be mothers through the book and CD “Supernatural Childbirth.” That legacy is still going on through our ministry and the products. We always called her the mother of the world and even though she is spending her Mother’s Day in Heaven, she is always in our thoughts and hearts.

The world is calling and we are going. This year will find us ministering to countless thousands around the globe. Your prayers and your financial partnership and support are so valuable and appreciated in helping us fulfill the Great Commission.

Send us your prayer requests and praise reports. We love you and pray for you daily.

We’ve had such a great response to our free CD offer, “Salvation is of the Lord.” You can still request yours online or by calling our office. It will bless and help you.

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