God uses seemingly small things to give us favor

About 20 years ago, maybe 18, I’m not quite sure at the moment, I was in Romania ministering to Gypsy pastors and to our precious orphans. One particular night I was ministering in a city at a church. It was a Gypsy church and completely full from front to back. An elderly lady on the front row, typically dressed complete with head scarf and covered head to toe was making noise, including talking out loud to herself or maybe to the crowd in general. After a while, as she was disturbing people and competing with me in volume, I stopped and walked up to her, I reached down and took her by the arms and pulled her up to me. I embraced her in a bear hug and said, “Mama, what can Jesus do for you tonight?” She told me what she needed and I prayed for her, hugged her again, and she sat down quite happy and did not disturb anymore.

A few days later I received an invitation for dinner at the King’s home. Yes, the Gypsies do have a King who is King of the Gypsies worldwide. There are four million Gypsies in Romania and millions more around the globe. The King is the leader of the Gypsy nation and holds a seat on the United Nations. When dignitaries visit Romania, they go to see him.  Anyway, I honored the invitation and went to dinner, not knowing why I was invited. We were welcomed royally (pun intended) and had a lovely meal and visit.

Come to find out, the invitation came because the little lady I had been kind to and prayed for was the King’s mother. He was grateful for her kind treatment and healing and wanted to befriend me. We became friends indeed and he would attend my meetings when I was in the country. It is always amazing to me how God uses seemingly small things to give us favor around the world. It also amazes me the favor I have always had with older ministers all my life and with governments around the world.

As always we are indebted to our partners for standing with us faithfully, for praying for us and giving finances to help us fulfill the Great Commission. It is a true statement… when the great commandments (of love) grip your heart, the Great Commission will follow.

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