7 Bible Principles for World Missions…Part 1

When Jackie and I first moved to south Mexico as young missionaries and newlyweds we had no partners, no friends or family to support us. We moved to Oaxaca, Mexico with a baby and a Bible and no one to depend on but poor old God and we found out that God was not so poor after all as the Church had taught us.

Fred Price among others told me some 30 years ago, this message changed his life. Another minister heard me teach this and came up and told me that God told him to give me $100,000, and he did. So here in this article I present to you a life-changing, $100,000, Holy Spirit-given message on “7 Bible Principles for World Missions,” and why you should be involved in giving and praying for missionaries and missions.

Missions did not originate in the heart or brain of any human. Not even the Apostle Paul thought up missions, or Billy Graham or even my friend the great veteran missionary statesman T. L. Osborn. It originated in the loving heart of our Father, God who did not want the eternal souls of man to be lost. Missions is not a Church doctrine, but a Bible doctrine, not a human doctrine but a divine doctrine. Jesus was the expressed image of the heart of love of the Father as He came, sent by God to planet Earth as the world’s greatest missionary. I have often said that missions is the oldest ministry in the Bible as it originated in the Garden of Eden when God realized He lost His family and determined to get them back and He prophesied to the snake and said, “Her seed is coming and will bruise your head.” At that point missions, soul winning, salvation, the plan of redemption was born. 

If you are a Word person, then you are a world person, because what’s in the Bible is the world. I have often said, “Hang around me long enough and I’ll make you worldly minded.” I want you thinking about the world and how to get it saved. You can go into thousands of libraries around the world and find millions of volumes of books about man’s search for God, but the Bible is God’s book about His search for man. As John 3:16 is the central text of the Bible, the Great Commission is the central theme; the thread that runs so true throughout God’s Word, old testament and new. Everything from Genesis leads to the Great Commission and everything to Revelation leads from it.

The Great Commission is not a suggestion but a command. Jesus said, “Go ye,” and ye means you. Every believer is a missionary, either a goer (one who goes) or a sender (one who sends) but every believer and the Church as a whole has the commandment to get the Gospel to the world. Jesus gives us the Great Commission five times; that is very impressive. Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18, Luke 24:47, John 20:21 and Acts 1:8. The one thing Jesus told His disciples to get done in His absence; get the Gospel to the world.

(To be continued…)

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