Our fathers are slipping away; I have been addressing this for some time now. I miss them. For me and others in my group there will be no more.

I know people tell us, “But you are fathers.” I know that, but not to our group, no fathers to come, there will be no more, only peers. There are no greater veteran statesmen, giants, commanders, or better known leaders in the body of Christ around the globe than Oral Roberts, Billy Graham and T.L. Osborn.

People really don’t realize how huge these humble preachers are. Oral has left us for the Heaven he preached about for so many decades. (December 2010) T.L. Osborn too has left this this place to receive his Heavenly reward. (February 2013) We have a few worthy ones like Billy Graham with us still, and we must appreciate them and honor them while they are still here.

Obviously, most of us have our own heroes and fathers, based on our age, location and position. Personally, I think of Wayne and Martha Myers, Dodie Osteen and Frieda Lindsay; world changers every one. I believe it is imperative if at all in your power to attend the funerals of these greats in the faith as they leave Earth for Heaven.

We must honor the Fathers and Mothers that leave us. Showing our honor and respect for them and their families and their ministries is the least we can do. Our attendance and support also speaks loudly to the international community of what giant footprints these great men and women left on the planet, in their faithful decades of preaching the simple Gospel of Jesus… these pioneers who shined the light where the light was dim and named the Name of Jesus where it had not been named. 

Yes, our fathers are slipping away, and I miss them. 

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