The Impact and Importance of Partnership!

Dear Friends & Partners, 

The Apostle Paul told us to “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another,” Romans-12:10, and “Esteem one another highly…” Philippians-2:3, and he wrote to the Galatians, “Show hospitality much more so to the household of faith,” Galatians-6:10.

Renee and I have been talking about you, our partners, and praying for you along these lines. I have told you so many times that we appreciate our partners and don’t take our partners lightly and that we are eternally indebted to our faithful partners. We mean that from the bottom of our hearts.

We really are partners together in our missionary endeavors around the world. I have been offering a free CD message on “The Impact and Importance of Partnership” (HERE) which lays out scripturally the Old Testament and New Testament examples of true partnership… how David, Jesus and Paul understood and treated partnership. You can still have that free gift if you request it from our office.

So please know that we here at this miracle missionary ministry do highly esteem you, we do honor you and prefer you, we do consider you the household of faith. Thank you so very much for your faithful partnership and love and prayers and your generous financial support. We love you and pray for you daily. We have partners and dear friends that have been with us since the 1970’s. We don’t count any of that lightly. Many of our partners have gone to Heaven now and many have aged along with us but are still faithful as we are. We continually need new partners and believe God to bring them in to help you and us in this end-time thrust for the King and His Kingdom. Please join your faith with us for these new partners to join us. Together, we are making a vast difference.

We just returned from our beloved Mexico this week and head north today first to minister in South Dakota then on to ministry in Canada. Mexico was wonderful; I have so many friends and respected ministers there. While there we celebrated Wayne Myers’ 94th birthday. What a great man of God and a father and mentor to me since I was 18 years old. The ministers in attendance showed such honor and love for Wayne and Martha. One night we met with 70 leaders for a meal of tacos, they call it a taquiza, (ta-kee-za) and the next morning some 600 leaders gathered for a breakfast meeting to honor his birthday. I will have lots of photos on my Facebook page, both personal and ministry. Also on our website, and you can go to Wayne and Martha’s website as well: www.wayneandmarthamyers.org.

Please check out our new website: www.terrymize.com. You will find it very user-friendly and helpful. I am so excited to start putting podcasts on our website once a week or so starting the week of the 12th, next week. These podcasts are Renee and I talking to you about things that are on our hearts plus strong Word of God and dealing with world situations and powerful missionary war stories and miracle testimonies we have experienced over nearly 50 years of ministry, and if you combine the two then almost 100 years of ministry.

Lynn will moderate these sessions and we are really enjoying recording these podcasts. You can download them and listen anytime. I would like to make them around 17-20 minutes but there is no time limit and some could be 30 minutes or more.

Be sure and “Like” our Facebook pages and follow us there and on Twitter. Remember, we do a “Missions Minute” video from time to time around the globe and these are always received so well. We get lots of positive response to these videos. These are on our personal and ministry Facebook pages.

We were very happy last week to have met a missionary couple doing work in Kenya, Africa. They have a wonderful vocational school for local students and probably the most modern and well-equipped computer lab in Kenya and most of Africa for that matter. They are from Texas and are the fund raisers for the work in Kenya, but they were in serious need of a car to travel and raise funds. We were able to bless them with Jackie’s Lincoln Town Car. It is older than I would have liked but low mileage and in good shape. What an honor to share with a missionary ministry. We will talk about them and put their information on our social media pages and our website. Steve and Betty Bishop; be sure to watch for that information.

We are pursuing with the Romanian government the ability to build totally new homes and villages for Gypsy people in that nation. This is very exciting to me and something I have been after for years. We were involved years ago building a village and moving a group of people into it. That was so very rewarding and very effective toward showing the other Gypsy villages a great example of how they could live. The government stopped that project after it was done but now we are going to be able to continue. We will keep you informed of this life-changing project. The government will actually give us the land and we can build a new house for about $5,000.

I’ve continued to make plans with the leaders in Cuba to return to minister to the 2,000 pastors that we have trained for so many years. As it comes together, I will let you know.

We plan to return to the nation of Malta within the next few months to continue to train precious pastors in the Word of Faith. We will have ministers come from both Africa and Europe again to gladly receive the Word.

We also have invitations to Germany and England which we will be happy to do en route to Malta and Romania.

We will be back in Mexico in October and also December in both minister’s conferences and a great city-wide conference in Tampico.

Pray for us as we pray for you daily. Send us your prayer requests and praise reports; we never tire of the testimonies of healings and miracles. Thank you again for loving us and being our friends and partners; you are very special to us.

For the World That Cost the Blood of Jesus.
Terry L. Mize


Completion of IRS attack:
So many of you have asked us to keep you informed on the outcome of this dastardly (you should look up the full definition of this word) attack on us from the IRS. A major pastor and friend just asked me again a few days ago.
Two days ago our attorney firm called us with this report:
Two pieces of good news…
1.    We met both the amount and the due date and paid in full the erroneous amount they said we owed. Thank God and you, our partners.
2.    The judge at the hearing ruled that the IRS was wrong and the amount they came up with was outrageous. About half of the money paid must be paid back to us, thank God and our attorneys. Of course their paying that back is on their time table but will be good when it gets here.
Plus two amounts to be paid:
1.    We told you all along that we were waiting to hear the amount assessed to us in penalties and interest, that we thought it would be around $20,000. Well, we under guessed. They tell us the amount is $69,000 and we have two weeks to pay it.
2.    We also told you the final assessment would be next April at tax time. We will have to pay personal taxes on these monies we paid. So that amount is still to be determined.

So, there you have it. Thank you so much for praying with us and for us and big thanks to those who gave to us and helped us pay this.
If you are led to help us with this last payoff, we certainly appreciate it. You can simply give your offering to the ministry this time and designate it for IRS payment.

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